5 Ways Your Fitness Studio’s Website Helps Your Business

What if turning your attention to only one part of your fitness studio’s marketing plan could make huge impact on your bottom line? That could liberate your time AND elevate your customer experience, and give you the space to do what you do best: inspire your community and up the sweat quotient in your space?

More than a place to share your branding and show off your (amazing) space, instructors and guests, your fitness studio’s website is THE most important piece of the marketing puzzle; it’s the most crucial and often under-emphasized element of marketing plans for fitness studios.

Truth is, it’s the most important tool for expanding your reach, sharing your brand with a global audience 24/7, and ultimately, growing your business with ease.

Why Do Branded Fitness Websites Matter?

Quick definition here: ‘branded website’ simply means a business or brand’s main website. It’s what we like to consider ‘home base’; where your story, your community, your team and your services come to life. It’s where you have the chance to capture readers by how they experience your brand, the same way they would if they walked into the studio. Just like you take care of your complete environment in your space—what your guests see, hear, smell, even touch—your website can, and does, create that same sensory experience of your business and brand.

We also consider it ‘home base’ because, ultimately, ANY digital marketing you do—through social media channels, email marketing, ads or otherwise—should drive traffic back here. So many marketing platforms offer businesses the opportunity to share only a fraction of their brand, or a limited array of services to a business’s clientele.

Websites, on the other hand, are customizable to the vision of a business, and can be developed in a way that allows a business to deliver on every element they choose to. It can be a place where a business simply tells their story and shares their purpose. Or, it can be a full service site that can turn into a 24/7 sales funnel, receptionist, payment gateway and more.

Yes, you heard it right, you can make money while you sleep.

Starting to see why having the site dialled in and a source of ease in access of information and elevated customer service is important?

How Your Website Helps

While the list of ways your site can impact your business runs long, here are the top five ways a website, when optimized, positively impacts fitness businesses:

1. Educate.

More information up front means more informed, and aligned, decision making when it comes time to buy! Share all about your classes, philosophy, team, answer frequently asked questions, even get into the details and tell readers about things like parking and other nearby businesses you love. Your site is your one stop fitness studio-education stop for your local guests and international fans.

2. Generate Leads.

Any healthy business has an ever-flowing stream of leads. Never miss a call again from a potential client because your studio was closed or receptionist too busy. From built-in, personalized client intake processes through to automated ‘always accessible customer experts’ and beyond, your website can act like a never-sleeping sales funnel filling machine.

3. Distill Your Expertise.

Share what you do better than absolutely anyone else. Blogging or finding a way to bring all your best ideas and unique IP into one place establishes yourself, your studio and your site as a leader and subject matter expert in your form of movement or practice of health and wellbeing. Become a value-adding content engine!

4. Elevate Customer Experience.

Self service is the best kind of service. Let your customers easily find answers to their questions, book and cancel classes, make payments…all by themselves. Free up your and your team’s time.

5. 24/7 Sales.

New & repeat clients can see pricing, make well-informed purchases, and manage their memberships at any hour of the day….all while you take time for yourself.

Giving The Gift Of Time

Less time spent on the business admin work means more time focused on you. Running more efficient and effective systems not only saves you money in the long run, but saves you a great deal of time NOW.

Being a leader in the industry of health and wellbeing, and as someone whose livelihood depends on caring for others, it’s imperative you lead by example and take care of yourself. Less time in your business means more time to focus on the areas of life that are important to you…like an extra 30 minutes of sun salutations or getting in another 20 burpees.

That’s where we come in: we free up time for more of what lights you up – whatever your movement may be.

Our work at Creative Fit is all about making your business serve your life, not the other way around. By developing well considered, mobile friendly, highly automated, informative, and beautiful lead generating sites based on a clear vision, we give business owners their time, and their life, back.

Connect with us if you’re ready to take your website to the next level and see the impact of automation on your fitness-based business.

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