We are on a mission to inspire communities to come together through fitness

Since 2009, we’ve helped entrepreneurs build purposeful boutique fitness brands and inspiring communities around them.


At Creative Fit, a Canada based studio, we believe that fitness is the key to happier, healthier communities. That’s why our distributed team members are experts in marketing solutions which support the fitness industry worldwide through creative branding strategies, brand identity, websites and online marketing that generate results.

We also believe that strategy is the foundation of success. We therefore collaborate closely and partner with clients (we call them ‘partners’), gaining a thorough understanding of your fitness business and its goals, before we ply our trade. Our experienced team has spent years perfecting and refining our skills; now we put them to work for you.

Raphael Marinho


Raphael oversees the creative and strategic teams including initiatives in planning, strategy, brand identity, web design, content and online marketing. Prior to founding his own B.C. based studio, Raphael worked in advertising and design agencies in several cities across two continents. He started Creative Fit after realizing that traditional agency models lacked the agility that the fitness industry needs. Now, he offers boutique agency services tailored to fitness brands across Canada, the U.S. and Europe.



social media strategist & MARKETING



front-end WEB developer



Content creator





We like to think that we work with people (not companies) – and we like to treat people very well. These are the values we hold dear in all aspects of our lives. All inspired by the Bahá’í Faith.

We believe that all human beings are connected. Much like the body, where no cell or organ lives apart, our well-being is dependent on the well-being of those around us. That’s why creating healthy communities through fitness is important. And lastly, why we feel successful when our clients are successful.

Without fairness, there is no unity. Fairness implies equality and respect, and recognizing that we need each other to succeed. We sincerely believe that striving for fairness in our client relationships is the key to establishing long lasting, healthy and happy partnerships. (And of course, it’s a two-way street.)

We believe that we are serving you; not selling you a service, where the monetary exchange is the relationship guide. We see the monetary exchange as a necessity for sustainability (a.k.a. feeding the kids). We strive to make the actual act of serving you the guiding principle of our relationship.

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