Why rebranding doesn’t have to be scary

The thought of rebranding your fitness studio can feel like a daunting maze; like you don’t know which way to turn. Your mind races: is it the logo? Our colours? Maybe it’s our interior design. Our coolness. Are we outdated? Boring? I want a refresh but don’t want to risk losing what I’ve built. Ahhh!


Rebranding doesn’t have to be a scary thing. Done thoroughly, rebranding can be the boost your fitness brand needs to grow. While there is no secret recipe, there are best practices you should consider when changing things up.

Keyword: thorough. While ‘quick fix $5 logo services’ might seem tempting, it risks devaluing your brand and turning into a huge upset in the future. Your business, sweat and tears are worth more. Don’t gamble low; hire a professional.

Deconstruct before you reconstruct.

Why do you want to rebrand? Is your target demographic changing? Are you expanding your services? Or has your brand simply fallen behind new industry standards?

Get to the root of the problem and find clarity on why you want to rebrand before going to the effort of overhauling your business.

Take a pulse check on the market. What are your competitors and market leaders far and near doing well?

The top fitness brands sell a lifestyle. Of course, the workout matters, but it’s the entire client experience from start to finish that gets more people through the door and raving about you on and offline.

Consider these five things when rebuilding your brand experience.

1. Don’t stink. Long gone are the days of ‘that gym smell’ being acceptable. Smell is closely tied to memory and mood so make sure your space smells like how you want your people to feel. Scent is an effective and cost-efficient way to strengthen your brand. Engage the senses to help your clients have a memorable experience.

2. The writing is on the wall! Literally. Once you’ve defined your brand, make your values be known. What better way to boldly state what your brand stands for than in big letters on your studio wall? Check out Trū Ride for inspiration.

3. Details, details, details. Make your client’s journey as seamless as their lulu’s. Is your class registration experience simple and convenient? What do you do to welcome new clients? How’s your change room looking? Got free hair elastics, fresh towels, shampoo and conditioner? Over deliver the details to add value to your client’s experience.

4. Who runs in your circle? Boost your brand’s public perception by affiliating with other like-minded brands. Some fitness studios carry high end soaps to suggest a sense of luxury, others feature locally made workout attire to show they care about community. Once you know what you want your fitness brand to stand for, partner with other brands who your target clients will also love.

5. If you’re not Instagrammable, you’re missing out. This is the perfect time to revisit your studio’s aesthetics. Your space needs to reflect your brand and inspire photography if you want to be competitive. Make your studio brag-worthy; a place your clients are proud to associate themselves with and recommend to their friends on social media. Go back to point 2 to start.

6. Make room for breathtaking images. A fresh-looking logo, business cards and a cool space will do the trick, however you must show to the world your space and your people doing what you do best. Make room in your budget for a full-day photoshoot, showcase your space filled with shiny happy, sweaty people. Make viewers want to be there. Remember humans connect with humans above all.

Remember, you are not in the business of exercising, you are in the business of improving lifestyles, of health & happiness.

Be collaborative.

What’s that famous saying? If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. If considering rebranding, opt for the latter. Gather feedback, ask for our help and take it slo-o-o-w. Your effort will be worth the wait!

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